What inspires my Designs:

Caitlin Kelley Inspiration for my work comes to me in many forms. As I stand on a site and feel the energy of the land, the forces of nature speak to me. Views, the travel path of the sun and the direction of the wind across the site are what I look at initially. The constraints of the building envelope, dictated by setbacks, easements, and heights can often help create a unique and creative design. But ultimately your desires, dreams and wishes are the catalyst for my ideas. Listening to your thoughts for your project is what spurs my imagination. Often, as we speak, your project appears to me in my mindís eye. From this initial meeting I take these images and put them onto paper. I use my abilities in art and music to create an architecture that is lyrical and inventive and that is tailored to your needs, wants and requests. My goal is to create an environment that is a reflection of your Soul.


I have been practicing architecture in Southern California for over twenty years specializing in high-end custom residential design and unique commercial projects. I fuse my diverse abilities in design, music and art while incorporating my knowledge of Feng Shui, Vastu, Geomancy, and Green Building to create my eclectic architectural designs.

My focus is creating architecture that nourishes the Soul through unique, sustainable designs for todayís environmentally aware community.

I have an uncanny ability to perceive my clients needs. My purpose is to work together with you to create a design that is a unique expression and image of your essence.

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I was born and raised in Hemet, California. I grew up on a citrus ranch and remember as a child loving the openness and freedom of the country. My earliest accomplishments in architecture were creating houses for my teddy bear at the age of four. I love painting, playing and composing music for the piano, languages and travel. I received my undergraduate degree in Music at Mills College in Oakland, California and my Master's Degree in Architecture at the New School of Architecture and Design in San Deigo, California.

I travel extensively around the world and draw inspiration from the many countries I visit and the people I meet.